Kuraby Knights Sign On Days Saturday 28 August and Sunday 3 September 2016 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Club 200 Daw Road, Runcorn See our Play Cricket Read more

SF Kuraby Knights def South Junior Cricket Club
10 Wellington Point Junior def by Kuraby Knights
7 Gold Coast Marlins Red def Kuraby
6 Kuraby def by Kenmore
9 Kuraby Knights def South Junior Cricket Club
8 Kuraby Knights def Cleveland Thornlands
5 Kuraby def by South Junior Cricket Club
4 Park Ridge def Kuraby
7 Eastern Districts Junior Gold def by Kuraby Knights
6 Kuraby Knights def by Gold Coast Marlins White
3 Eastern Districts Junior Black def Kuraby
5 Kuraby Knights def Wellington Point Junior
4 South Junior Cricket Club def by Kuraby Knights
2 Kuraby def by Eastern Districts Junior Gold
3 Cleveland Thornlands def Kuraby Knights
1 Dylan J Crees100LD&BD Under 124
2 Neve E Lynch80Under 15 South1
3 Reilly J Martin79Under 13 South7
4 Jack Rowles65LD&BD Under 15-167
5 Tristan Phillips63Under 13 South9
6 Aum Thanki56Under 13 SouthSF
7 Dylan J Ford55Under 13 South8
8 Tai Johnson52LD&BD Under 15-168
9 Reegan Duller52Under 13 South7
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